Friday, April 07, 2006

Grazer's Song-A-Day

For the next however long, I'm going to try and write/record/post one song every day. Each song will have to be made up on the spot, lyrics improvised (for better or worse) as I record, and less than an hour spent on the whole process. Other than that, anything goes.

The songs will be sketchy, the lyrics will be good and terrible (...indecipherable...), and the melodies and vocals will be raw and often off-key, but they'll be in the moment and whatever I record first pass I'll have to work with in the overdubs.

Some days I won't be able to record, so I'll record an extra song (or songs) the day before or after to make up for it. I've given myself a seven song buffer.

Mostly just for fun, and practice, and why not?


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